Ultralight C++ API 1.3.0
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ultralight::RefPtr< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ultralight::RefPtr< T >, including all inherited members.

Adopt enum valueultralight::RefPtr< T >protected
AdoptRefultralight::RefPtr< T >friend
AdoptTag enum nameultralight::RefPtr< T >protected
get() constultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
LeakRef()ultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
operator UnspecifiedBoolType() constultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
operator!() constultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
operator!=ultralight::RefPtr< T >friend
operator*() constultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
operator->() constultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
operator<ultralight::RefPtr< T >friend
operator=(const RefPtr &)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
operator=(T *)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
operator=(std::nullptr_t)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
operator=(const RefPtr< U > &)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
operator=(RefPtr &&)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
operator=(RefPtr< U > &&)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
operator=(const RefPtr< U > &other)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
operator=(RefPtr< U > &&other)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
operator==ultralight::RefPtr< T >friend
RefPtr()ultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
RefPtr(std::nullptr_t)ultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
RefPtr(T *other)ultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
RefPtr(const RefPtr &other)ultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
RefPtr(const RefPtr< U > &other)ultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
RefPtr(RefPtr &&other)ultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
RefPtr(RefPtr< U > &&other)ultralight::RefPtr< T >inline
RefPtr(T &object, AdoptTag)ultralight::RefPtr< T >inlineprotected
reset()ultralight::RefPtr< T >
reset(T *obj)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
swap(RefPtr &ptr)ultralight::RefPtr< T >
UnspecifiedBoolType typedefultralight::RefPtr< T >
~RefPtr()ultralight::RefPtr< T >inline