Happy 2024: New Pro Licensing, Console Support, and more!

We hope everyone has had a restful and rejuvenating holiday break! This year starts with some exciting changes at Ultralight, let’s jump right in.

Website and Blog Redux

Our website and new blog (you’re reading it, hello!) have received a full makeover and are now up-to-date with our latest SDKs and announcements.

Both are powered by Astro, a new static site generator we love, making it super-quick to load and navigate.

Introducing the New Pro License

We’ve replaced our annual Subscription License with a new, improved Pro License.

Perpetual Licensing

This new license offers perpetual use of all 1.X Ultralight versions for a one-time fee, and includes source code access and a year of priority support. This change aims to simplify the licensing process and provide more value to our users.

Extra Features and Tools

We’re also bringing some additional tooling and features to the Pro version of our SDK, starting with custom allocator support and performance profiling.

Upgrade Offer for Existing Subscribers

If you’re an existing Subscription License holder, we’re offering a 50% discount to upgrade to the Pro License.

Contact us to upgrade and enjoy all the new benefits.

Ultralight on Xbox and PlayStation

We’re excited to announce that Ultralight is now available on Xbox and PlayStation!

This expansion was made possible through collaboration with top AAA game studios and is already being used today in several production titles!

Apply here to get a license quote and access to evaluation bins.

In Case You Missed It

In case you missed it, we released a stable build of 1.3 and an alpha build of 1.4 to the public a few months earlier. Check out their respective release announcements for details.

What’s Next: Ultralight 1.4

Looking ahead, we’re preparing to release Ultralight 1.4, which will introduce more features and enhancements. Keep an eye on our Roadmap for updates.

As always, thank you for your support— we hope you enjoy the new developments at Ultralight!

- Ultralight Team